About us

AUT graduates bring fresh thinking to your workplace.

We can find, screen and help you select the right one for you.

AUT Internz is an on-campus recruitment service offered by AUT, giving employers an easy way to access the large pool of graduate talent emerging from AUT.

AUT has a reputation for producing great graduates with relevant, work-ready skills, and also many excellent industry connections. We bring them together through AUT Internz, a powerful service to quickly and easily connect employers with our students and graduates.

We work closely with employers to understand talent requirements – both in terms of technical skill and cultural fit – matching them with a shortlist of candidates who have been well supported through the application process and will best fit their needs.

How did it start?

Our service was first conceived in 2014, with nine graduating students selected for internships in the USA.  Our model of supporting employers to find the right graduate for their business was so popular with some of the biggest names in global business that we knew we wanted to expand into the New Zealand market.

Now, as well as sending around 40 graduates to North America each year to intern with companies like Facebook, Allbirds, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Sundance Institute, The Smithsonian Institution, Westpac Americas and Icebreaker, we support hundreds of New Zealand businesses to identify exactly the right graduate for their business.

Our students and graduates love the chance to put their skills to practical use, test a career path and get their first taste of corporate life – whether that’s in New Zealand or overseas. AUT is committed to guiding students to their first career opportunity because connecting them with great employers is another way we produce great graduates.

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