Jamey Bailey with a waka at the Smithsonian

Keeping the waka moving forward

05 Dec, 2019
Graduate Jamey Bailey shares his experience working as a Curatorial Assistant at the Smithsonian Institution though AUT’s Internz programme.
New Internz

Say kia ora to the new Internz

04 Dec, 2019
24 AUT graduates have been selected by international companies including TimeZoneOne, Play Rugby USA, and Smithsonian to be international interns in 2020.
11 internships

11 types of internships from AUT

30 Sep, 2019
University holidays are just around the corner, here are 11 jobs that are perfectly suited to a summer intern from AUT.

5 Ways to Empower Women in Tech

28 Aug, 2019
Techweek19 included some excellent suggestions about how to attract and empower women. Here are a few take home messages from Inspiring Women in Tech.
Lululemon Internz

Fruitful internships for great graduates

22 Aug, 2019
Three great AUT graduates have had their contracts extended from internships after impressing their employers at Lululemon in Vancouver.
Taylor Duncan in Washington D.C.

What employers like about global interns

12 Jun, 2019
We wondered what the NZ employers, who hire our global interns when they come home, believe the overseas experience on their CV brings to their business.

5 common pitfalls to hiring graduates

22 May, 2019
With NZ’s unemployment rate consistently under 5%, there's competition to attract quality talent. Hiring a graduate is one way to bridge the talent gap.

When students don’t work for free

02 May, 2019
Muffin Break grabbed headlines when its general manager Natalie Brennan said she had noticed a shift in attitudes among younger workers in New Zealand.

Intergenerational magic in the workplace

02 Oct, 2018
Millennials sometimes get a bad rap for expecting career perks that have traditionally come with time and experience.

Delivering work-ready graduates

20 Jun, 2018
AUT has opened a full-service, on-campus recruitment agency today, to help New Zealand employers engage work-ready students and graduates.