International internships

AUT students can apply for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience working life in an international market – with required flights, visas and basic insurance costs covered by AUT Internz.

More than 30 international roles are advertised on the AUT Internz Job Board each year between July and November.

If you’re offered an internship by one of our host organisations in America, Asia or Europe, we’ll award you a scholarship to travel to your destination in the year after you graduate.

What’s covered

International internships come with a scholarship that pays for:

  • Return travel to the destination city from Auckland
  • Travel insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Work visa and related administrative expenses (when required)
  • A contribution toward living costs

Who can apply

You are eligible to apply if you meet each of these requirements:

  • You are a New Zealand citizen and have, or are eligible for, a New Zealand passport
  • You complete your study, including your co-op, between July and December the year before the internship starts
  • You are/were enrolled in full-time, on-campus study at AUT (or an AUT international exchange partner) for the two consecutive semesters before completing your study
  • You have been studying toward a programme of longer than 2 years or you are a post-graduate student

Read about the AUT Internz Programme's regulations

When a scholarship is awarded

You will receive a scholarship if you are offered a role by a host organisation, you meet the work visa criteria for the host country, and you agree to the Scholarship Terms of Acceptance.

Read the Internz Scholarship Terms of Acceptance

Preparing to apply and the application process

Get alerts

Set up alerts for suitable roles and closing dates by signing in and checking your profile on the AUT Internz Job Board.

Get prepared

Before you apply for a role you should make sure you have supporting documents and evidence ready. You will need:

  • Proof of your full-time enrolment for the two consecutive semesters before completing your study. Provide one of these:
  • A scanned copy of your passport or proof of New Zealand citizenship
  • A tailored CV
  • A cover letter for the host company (address it to ‘the hiring manager’) outlining why you are applying for the internship
  • The name and contact details of a referee – where possible, a member of AUT faculty
  • A link to your online portfolio (mandatory for creative roles)

Contact the Employability Lab for support to create your best CV and cover letter before you apply.

Get in touch

Please tell us about any circumstances that may affect your application, selection or eligibility for a visa. Before you apply for a role, tell us about any of the following so we can help improve your chances of selection:

  • Having a criminal record
  • Not having a New Zealand passport
  • Requiring flexibility with start dates

To apply for any of the scholarship roles, you need to complete an online application via the role’s advertisement on the Internz Job Board by the closing date.

We will shortlist suitable applications that meet criteria and are received by the closing date for each role. We will present a shortlist of candidates to each host organisation. If you are not shortlisted we will let you know.

Each host organisation has their own interview and selection process, so timelines may differ between roles.


The host organisation will invite students for an interview by videoconference or phone. We’ll keep you informed of the progress of your application.

Until you hear from us that your application is no longer progressing, you are still in the running.


Following your interview, you’ll be contacted by phone by a member of the AUT Internz team to inform you whether or not you are the employer’s preferred candidate. We will tell the preferred candidate first, and will then inform all candidates who are still in the process by phone.

The preferred candidate will then receive a letter of offer from the host and until that is signed and returned, the role is unfilled. Occasionally the preferred candidate will choose not to accept the role. In this situation, the host will review candidates and make a second choice.

If you accept the role, we will guide you through the steps you need to take before you depart.

Visa application process

Some of the countries we send interns to require them to have a work visa. If you are selected for an internship in one of these countries, this process can take several weeks.

We will introduce you to our visa supplier and liaise closely with you while you complete the required paperwork and attend meetings.

Once you have your visa, and you have agreed to the scholarship terms of acceptance, you will be awarded an AUT Internz scholarship.

Outbound orientation and celebration

You must participate in an outbound orientation. This 1 day session will set you up for success in your host city and provide you with important information about your visa and working rights.

In 2019, the outbound orientation is followed by an evening celebration on Monday December 2. We will invite you to these events if you are successful in securing a role.

Planning to be successful in securing an AUT Internz scholarship? It’s never too early start planning for some important considerations, so here are a few things you need to know.

Visa, flights, insurance

AUT will arrange and cover the cost of your flights and your work visa where one is required.  AUT will also provide you with basic insurance, although we suggest you consider supplementing this to give yourself full cover and complete peace of mind (a budget of around NZD400 will allow you to increase your insurance to full cover).


Most host organisations offer paid roles. If your internship is unpaid, your AUT Internz scholarship will come with a stipend. The stipend is a contribution to your basic living costs.

We recommend you give yourself a financial buffer and take extra funds, whether or not your internship is paid.

Accommodation in major cities is expensive but we recognise everyone has a different approach to budgeting and lifestyle: so if you want to enjoy the trappings of living in a large international city – you will need to put some skin in the game.

Other work and earning during your internship

All of the countries we work with to provide AUT Internz international scholarships allow New Zealanders to work and earn, and it is worth keeping in mind that you will have the option to support yourself outside of your internship. Some of the countries will require you to have a work visa, and where this is the case you will be provided with one as part of your scholarship.


You are responsible for organising your own accommodation during your internship. We suggest staying in a hostel for the first week(s) then finding something suitable once you're settled in. We will give you contacts, links and tips to get you started. Previous recipients and alumni are a great source of information about suburbs and options. We will link you in to the KEA network and the community of Kiwis we know in your city.

Staying after your internship ends

You will be completely responsible for finding work and income, funding your insurance and complying with work and any visa regulations from the time your AUT Internz placement is finished.

AUT will provide you with a visa where required and we recommend you consider remaining in your host country after you have completed your internship to make the most of being there.

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