Internz Scholarship Terms of Acceptance

Successful recipients of AUT Internz International Scholarships will be asked to agree to the International Scholarship Terms of Acceptance:

  • The successful recipient will travel to the host city for a work experience and cultural exchange placement normally 8-12 weeks, at a time determined by the host partner in the year following that when the scholarship is awarded.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, the successful recipient must have completed all the requirements of their study programme before their departure.
  • Where a work visa is required, the successful recipient must be granted a visa for entry into the destination country. AUT will take all reasonable steps to enable the recipient to secure an appropriate visa. If for some reason the visa cannot be obtained, the scholarship will not be awarded to the selected applicant. The visa will often give the recipient the option of staying in market after the work experience finishes inclusive of the work placement.
  • A stipend, where required, will contribute towards living costs during the recipient’s time in market at the host company.
  • It is the responsibility of the successful recipient to secure suitable accommodation for the tenure of the work placement utilising the stipend awarded by AUT and/or their own funds. AUT and its suppliers will provide guidance on accommodation options in the destination cities.
  • In the instance that the recipient is paid in the local market by their industry host, the recipient will need to comply with local tax obligations as outlined in their letter of offer from them.
  • There is no obligation for AUT or the host partner to offer a continuing work placement or other employment after the agreed placement period. Should the recipient choose to stay in market after the agreed period of placement ends, it is the recipient's responsibility to ensure they continue to meet all local obligations related to travel and health insurance, tax and visa.
  • If the recipient chooses to make changes to the return flights provided by AUT, it is their responsibility to pay all additional associated fees and charges.
  • The successful recipient must agree for personal profiles to be developed and disseminated through various AUT owned channels.
  • The successful recipient is required to actively participate in planned programme publicity by working with AUT representatives to plan and proactively develop at least two pieces of content, including photos, videos, posts and written articles, about their experience for dissemination in AUT, news and social media channels during the placement and the months following.
  • During the work placement, the successful recipient is responsible for managing their relationship with their host and adhering to all company policies including, where applicable, employment agreements.
  • The successful recipient must uphold their own reputation and that of AUT through ethical and responsible behaviour during their work placement. AUT has the power to terminate or suspend this agreement for any illegal conduct or any behaviour that brings AUT or host partners into disrepute, during the scholarship period.