Matthew Delmonte

AUT business alumnus Matthew Delmonte says the curriculum taught in his accounting and finance majors served him well for the rigorous world of New York corporate finance.

Financial modelling of debt transactions, cash flow systems and financial projections may seem a long way from his former military career, but he says there are surprising parallels between the two worlds.

“Mission success in both military and distressed corporate finance hinges on an effective, timely and decisive reaction to the dynamics of an adverse operating environment. Rebalancing projects with their associated risks and working through complex financial issues is what I really enjoy doing.

“Thanks to my studies, I’m now able to reference back to conceptual theory and apply it to live situations. I have especially relied on my corporate finance knowledge, as well as the management accounting courses.”

Matthew was awarded two scholarships during his time at AUT, and spent a semester in San Diego, California, where he completed his advanced-level finance courses. He also secured an internship in New York City at Zolfo Cooper LLC through the AUT Internz programme.

“This was an incredible experience. I went to Manhattan and, as an intern, I supported high performing restructuring groups with equity research, financial modelling, bankruptcy support and pitch book compilations.”

His internship has since turned into a contract role as an analyst at Zolfo, a role he describes as challenging and motivating.

“We engage with companies that are facing emergency room-like financial and operational distress. Whether it’s a company-side or creditor-side engagement, every situation is different, and it leads to an environment of unstructured, complex problem solving.

“My advice to other students is to get passionate about what you’re studying, and apply for the AUT Internz scholarship. This experience has completely changed my life, and really illustrated that if you’re willing to put in the work and maintain a high standard of discipline, anything is possible.”